21 Examples of Tasks We Can Do For You

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In order to help you take advantage of the potential that Work Hero has to offer, we’ve created this article with 21 examples of tasks you can ask for.

As a recommendation, you can send any task you have in mind for us to send you a confirmation, but it is good to see examples because sometimes we can forget the variety of tasks we can ask for!

That’s why we wrote this article to help you, so, let’s begin!


1. Back up your WordPress website

To protect you from losses, hacks and errors, we can back up your site several ways, just ask for the way you prefer and we will do it.


2. Install an SSL Certificate

These days, SSL-certified sites rank better on Google and will soon be a standard on the internet. To receive payments you need to have it installed. If you have not installed it yet, please send us a request that we will solve this for you.


3. Remove the background from an image

If you need to use an image, but it has that uncomfortable background, we can remove it for you. In addition to removing the background, we can use the image to create a banner as well.


4. Set up a webinar registration page

If you have tools available for creating pages, we can create a page to attract more attendants to your webinar and integrate it into your marketing platform.


5. Duplicate a landing page

If you want to duplicate your landing page to test new titles or different audiences, we can do it for you.


6. Design a Facebook Ad image that complies with the guidelines

If you’re running Facebook advertisements, make sure you follow the Facebook guidelines- we can guarantee this for you.


7. Build an opt-in landing page

If you’re generating leads online, you’ll need an opt-in page to capture details your marketing platform and sell the value of lead magnet offer.



8. Change your widgets

If you want to change location, create a new one, or remove a widget, we can do it for you.


9. Website migration

If you are changing hosting provider, we can migrate your WordPress website to the new hosting.


10. Lead capture pop up installation

Popup Lightbox Opt-In Forms have shown to increase lead capture on some websites up to as much as 234%. We can install them for you.


11. Event date and time edit

If you need to change the date or time of your event page, we can easily do this.


12. Schedule a webinar

Need to schedule a webinar? It’s simple, as long as we have access to your platform, we can do it for you.


13. Fix responsiveness and design errors

Is there a page on your WordPress site that is not being responsive or has design errors? We can fix this for you.


14. Add a video to your website

If you have a video that you want to put on a page of your site and do not know how, we can help you.


15. Set up Stripe as payment gateway

Do you use a platform that supports Stripe? Then let us install it for you!


16. Integrate Landing page

Do you need to integrate your landing page with your marketing services or platforms? We can do this for you!


17. Schedule a post

Do you already have an article ready and just need to schedule a time for posting? Just let us know.


18. Add a privacy policy

Some types of websites need a privacy policy. You can provide a privacy policy to be added or ask for our standard sample privacy policy to be loaded for you as a starting point.


19. Create a lead magnet capture box

If you already have a lead magnet, but have not yet created a way to capture emails, we can create a page or pop-up for you.


20. Install a plugin or theme

That’s basic, but it’s always good to remember. We can install any plugin or theme for you!


21. Speed up your site!

Every extra second your website takes to load, the lower the conversion rate becomes. Speed is critical for good user experience and for Google search rankings. Let us check the speed of your site and make the necessary changes to increase it.

We hope that we have given you good task ideas to send us. We will be updating this list with new examples in the future. We look forward to your tasks!