About Us

Who Is Work Hero?

We are here to help internet professionals by accomplishing their design and technical tasks so they can focus on the work they do best.

Can’t people just hire VA’s to do this?

We are not trying to replace the need for Virtual Assistants for everything. Our teams focus on the annoying and technical tasks that internet business people should not have to deal with. We keep it at a flat, monthly rate and do not limit the number of tasks someone can submit.

Is this a marketing agency?

We are not a marketing agency. The problem with marketing agencies for typical internet business owners is, they charge a lot of money and usually specialize in just doing one thing. We have teams devoted to each area of business- design, technical, and automation- but you aren’t limited to any one area with us- and we keep things within an affordable range for most people running an online business.

Internet Business Success Without Technical Knowledge or Design Skills

Having started an internet business in 2003 with no idea how to program, design, or even what a sales funnel was, and growing that info products business from 0 to $9,000 a month, I know what the struggles are for people who want to focus on their business and not be caught up doing things that they don’t want to do, nor have any interest in doing. These are the things that will hold you back from the important things- like making money.

I’ve been in your position and I understand what is needed, and how important it is to have a high quality team behind the things you are doing- people that are the best at what they do, and can do things quickly without unnecessary delays.

As a team at Work Hero, we understand that results are the most important thing, and we strive to deliver at the highest level of satisfaction possible for all of our customers.

To your stress-free success,
Kevin Koskella