All you need to know before requesting a task

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Asking for a task at Work Hero should be the easiest thing to do – much easier than asking a freelancer from a well known site, like Upwork, or explaining a task to a VA (a Virtual Assistant).

For this, we have 2 forms which have customized questions that appear depending on your needs.

They are: (For design tasks) (For technical tasks)

However, in order to further improve this bridge between you and the heroes, in this article we will offer some tips to facilitate requests and to align the expectations.

Let’s start:

–  First, you must keep in mind that we don’t work with deadlines. Our average completion period for a task is between 1 and 3 days (in more than 90% of cases), however, some tasks may take a bit longer depending on complexity.

– You can request 3 tasks at a time, and we will complete them one by one. If you have a priority task, just mark it as “Priority 1” at the end of the request forms. The other ones should be marked as Priority 2 or 3 to be queued in order.

– If you have doubts about whether your task is a design or a technical one, or if you think they are of both from design AND technical, don’t worry, they will go through the filtering process with our concierge, and will be assigned to the correct hero. However we recommend in these situations to use the technical task form, because it’s more complete, with more fields and less focused on graphic design.

– If you have doubts whether the task can be done or not, you can quickly confirm this by sending an email to or enter our site ( and use the live chat on the bottom right corner of the site. The live chat will automatically identify you and this can be a fast way to get questions answered.

– Some large tasks can be broken into several small ones. An example: You may need a landing page. You can make this request, but keep in mind that it will be divided into several parts, and depending on the complexity, could take more than 3 days to be completed.

– We don’t typically work on weekends. However, some of our workers are in Asia and will often get to things on Monday mornings, which could be as soon as Sunday in other parts of the world.

There are some tasks we don’t do, see examples:


– Logos (Although we make minor changes, we don’t create logos from scratch, but we can point to reliable freelancers)

– Redesign of a page (We make small edits, but we don’t work with redesigns or creation of HTML and WordPress pages from scratch – we work only using plugins like LeadPages and OptimizePress or Kajabi and similar page-builder software.)


– Install WordPress (We work with sites already installed.)

Remember: In case you have questions or concerns about whether or not the task can be done, please contact us quickly via Live Chat ( or send an email to