Time-Saving Tips for Your WordPress Website

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If you’re running a coaching business, whether it be coaching people in the realm of business, health, or training, having a website is essential. It’s the number one way to reach people and build a brand and a sense of community around your business.

Websites not only legitimize your business, but provide an easy resource for clients to find you and see what you can offer them. Most people opt for WordPress as their website host, since it offers customization and a very easy user interface. 

If you’ve been using WordPress to run your website for a while, you’ve learned that it can take a lot more work than expected to create a website and consistently update it. For some, it’s a full-time job and it can be hard to manage on top of your coaching work with clients. 

But there are lots of ways to save time while you’re updating, making new blog posts, or creating new pages. Here’s our top three tips on saving time when you’re editing your coaching website on WordPress. 

Format at the End

If you’re formatting your website as you design pages or write blog posts, it’s going to slow down your process. Instead, save formatting tasks for later. This will actually give you more freedom to write what you want and allow you to freely move blocks around until you find what works for you. 

Consider formatting like “locking” your page in place – when you’re completely satisfied with what you’ve written, then it’s appropriate to perform any final tweaks. So, format text, add images or video, link websites, add SEO keywords, and tag and categorize posts at the end of your process. 

Mark Forrester at Woo Commerce shares a time-saving tip for formatting photos: 

“It’s not so much the adding photos that’s the problem — it’s the act of finding them. If you decide you want to insert a photo and don’t have one immediately on hand, already resized and cropped and ready to go, wait until you’re done with your draft. You can spend hours on stock photography sites looking for the perfect image to complement your post so don’t let that distraction break your writing flow.”

Install Plugins

You may have some plugins on your internet browser, but did you know you can also add plugins to WordPress? These can save you a ton of time because they help automate a lot of time-consuming tasks. 

For example, installing a plugin like Jetpack can help save time looking at analytics and statistics, as it breaks down any stats in a quick, easy-to-read format. Other plugins, like Yoast, help with SEO keyword management. 

Smart Blogger explains why a plugin like Yoast makes it easy to add aspects like SEO to your blog: 

“For new and even experienced bloggers, search engine optimization is like Mount Everest for beginner climbers. It’s the “holy grail” of traffic generation strategies, yet it’s daunting to execute. So you could spend the next several months learning about SEO. Or, you could save yourself hundreds of hours reading case study after case study, researching best SEO practices, and trying to decipher Google-ese by installing Yoast SEO.”

If you’re interested in learning about more tips from us, sign up for a plan on our website and see what works for you. 

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