Design Heroes can create or edit an image, a social media template or a PDF document.

(see more tasks below)


Web Heroes can tweak, build, change, upload and update Wordpress websites and integrations.

(see more tasks below)


Automation Heroes can build landing pages, configure and integrate in your Automation Marketing Platform and CRM.

(see more tasks below)

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What is a task?

  • A task is something that our Heroes can do in
    1 hour or less.

What is not a task?

  • It's not a task when something takes more than 1 hour to be done.
These are NOT tasks done by our Heroes:
  • New Websites
  • Website redesign
  • Strategic and marketing advice
  • Content or Sales Copywriting
  • Mow your lawn
  • Custom plugin or theme development
  • Search marketing/SEO services
  • Pay your taxes
  • Social Media posting
  • PPC advertising setup or management

Graphic Design Tasks

  • Thumbnail Images
  • Social Media Image Template
  • Ebook and PDF Design
  • Ad Banner
  • Email Newsletter Templates
  • Simple Image Editing

Wordpress Tasks

  • Landing Page Integrations Setup
  • Email Opt-in Forms Installation
  • Retargeting Pixels Setup
  • Landing Page Integrations
  • Conversion Pixel Tracking Codes Setup
  • Plugins Installation
  • Membership Plugins Installation

Marketing and Admin Tasks

  • Landing Page Creation (With Templates from Landing Page Builders)
  • Email Autoresponder Set Up
  • Lead Capture Form Creation
  • Autoresponder Contacts Importation

Never get stuck again because of annoying and time consuming tasks.

Our Heroes work on many platforms

The gray ones will be available soon.


Click here or on any button on the site to request a new task. Or use the Live Chat to do so.


Complete the form with the details of your task, the platform you'll use and an email to get in touch. We'll evaluate your request and send feedback.


If possible, we'll start right away. If we need a password to a platform, we will send security instructions. The task will be ready between 3 and 8 hours after the start confirmation.

Frequently asked questions

If you aren’t sure if we can do a task you need or if you aren’t sure
what you need, just use our Live Chat.

Make a request and if it’s not something we can do, we’ll tell you.
Or get answers using our Live Chat.

We aren’t a replacement for a General VA. Our team are implementation specialists for the
tools on our supported platforms list. Every day we’re building landing pages, tweaking
websites, integrating email marketing and setting up sales funnels.

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