Unlimited technical and design tasks done for online entrepreneurs at a flat monthly rate



Web Heroes are developers experts in Wordpress. They can add, change or remove codes in your pages, install plugins, make integrations with other services, change features, among others.


Design Heroes are experts in Graphic Design. They can create or edit social media templates, covers, thumbnails, banners, style for ebooks, among others.


Automation Heroes are experts in Marketing Automation Platforms. They can enter your platform to build landing pages, lead capture forms, email sequences, among others.

Supported platforms


Request a task by filling out the form that can be accessed by clicking on "Get Started".


After requesting, a hero expert in your task will contact you as soon as possible.


Your task will be completed and you will have been "saved" from having to do an annoying task.

Frequently asked questions

If you are an online marketer, a speaker, a coach, a consultant or a small business owner, it is very likely that we can help you.
But if you want to be sure or want to find out more about what we do and how we work, schedule a free 15 minute consultation by clicking here.

As many as you want, however, every new task is only done after your last task is finished.

See our list of examples of tasks or ask in the live chat, by clicking on the blue icon in the lower right corner.

Unlike VA's, our heroes are experts on the platforms we offer. They are trained and highly productive.