Unlimited WordPress Help,
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Whether you need simple CSS tweaks, bug fixes, content addition, a new page, site migration, backups, security or speed optimization, you can do it all with a service created by experts, available 24/7 with high-scalability.

Say Goodbye To Annoying WordPress Headaches

So your site that you invested lots of time and money is up. . . now what?

  • Do you have a website maintenance schedule in place to keep updated with the latest system and plugin releases?
  • How do you make sure your website continues to perform well for your visitors?
  • Do you know how to fix update crashes?
  • Can you fix infected files or database attacks from hackers?
  • How often should you back up?

Do any of these questions make your head spin?  We can help!

We Solve Real Problems

WordPress Support & Maintenance Services

Unlimited edits

You can order unlimited tasks that take up to 30 minutes each to complete. These tasks include: Content edits, CSS tweaks, bug fixes, script addition, content addition, etc. Unlimited WordPress support makes a difference.

Perennial updates

You've probably noticed that every day there are plugins to update in your site. How to update them without breaking your site? We know that. And our systems do it automatically for you.

Backups & Migrations

Your data remains safe with us because we regularly backup your database and files on a secure cloud location. We can restore your site at any time you want. We can also clone or migrate your site if needed it.

Mobile optimization

We already use more phones than desktop. But is your site optimized for this? When you join us, we will review your site to find out how mobile-friendly it is and then make the necessary adjustments to improve it.

Speed optimization

Does your site take less than 3 seconds to load? If not, we will do everything to get it to load in less time than that. It's time to stop losing sales because of a slow website.  

Security optimization

We will make active and passive measures to stop attacks and malicious intent in its tracks. Continuous monitoring for uptime, DDoS attack detection, SSL support, CDN installation.

Daily scans

We stay on top of things and monitor your website daily so that your pages are working properly on mobile and desktop, across all internet browsers, helping you sleep well at night.

24/7 Uptime monitor

If your site goes down, our team will be notified immediately. We can then solve the problem that is causing the site to go down as quickly as possible, so there's limited downtime and lost business on your side.

Weekly reports

Every week we will send you a report that shows all plugins that have been updated on your site, with graphs of performance, uptime, and other relevant data. This will allow you to know exactly how your site performs over time.

Now with hosting!

We partnered with WPMU Dev to offer high quality managed hosting to our customers (optionally). With Digital Ocean server architecture (VPS – Virtual Private Servers) and the best possible configurations for the greatest performance that a WordPress site could have! Learn more here.

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