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How Many WordPress Plugins Should You Install?

There’s a reason why WordPress plugins are so popular – they offer a huge boost in functionality and features to your website that it wouldn’t otherwise have. Plugins are necessary in order to provide an otherwise basic website with a whole new range of possibilities, including the ability to start an online store, create a

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3 Things You Should Do When Inheriting a WordPress Site

Have you inherited a WordPress site, but don’t know what on earth you’re supposed to do now? You’re used to building your website from the ground up, which includes having all of the essential information you need up front. We’re going to take you through 3 things you should do when inheriting a WordPress site,

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How to Clean up Your WordPress Media Library

While we’re all performing our annual “spring cleaning”, it’s easy to forget that your WordPress Media Library needs some extra love too. And while it can be satisfying to clear out your unneeded WordPress files the old fashioned way (manually), there are plugins available in order to make the job easier. We’re going to take

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How to Buy a Domain Name That’s Already Taken

If you’ve ever purchased a domain name, there’s a good chance that your first choice wasn’t immediately available. You came up with the perfect business name, designed your logo and had your business cards made, only to find out that your dream domain was already taken when you went to register it. Do you accept

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Tips on Creating A Membership Site with WordPress

The term “membership website” can have a lot of meanings – but essentially, this type of website always includes a way to connect, to teach people about something and to allow the public to connect with you as a product or brand. While the thought of creating a membership site can be daunting (where on

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